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That’s a lie.  I’m sorry.  I really want to be honest with you.  These aren’t really all my favorite things.  These collages are just a collection of many of the things I’ve sewn over the last several years, starting back around 2005.  All taken from my previous site, where you can still see the large versions of these terrible snapshots:)

After studying the problem of getting these images here to my new site in individual posts, I finally admitted to myself that it simply isn’t going to happen.  These collages will have to fill the gap as I go forward from here, showing newer and hopefully better projects.

Looking back at many of these items, I realize some were constructed very poorly… some fell apart in the wash, some with use.   Fortunately they turned over very quickly.  For many, I only remember them in photos because she barely wore them before she moved on to the next size.

The first collage below includes the beloved fleece coat that I made for Bailey.  It’s quite hard to mistake the fact that it was made for Bailey because her name was embroidered on the front of the coat.  Keeping that in mind, it baffles me that when it flew off my stroller in a mall parking lot on windy evening, no one returned it to the mall’s lost and found.  Perhaps another family with an 18 month old named Bailey happened upon it and needed it more than we did…

past posts collage 1

past posts collage 2

past posts collage3

past posts collage 4

… Sew Not Perfect. :) I have delusions of pulling up all of my old posts and lovingly moving them one-by-one here to this new blog, complete with all the images I once uploaded that have now been lost to server moves and crashed hard drives. That part may take some time. So, in the interim, I’m getting started with my latest projects.

Thanksgiving is officially over and December has arrived. I consider holiday food my reward for tolerating holiday weather. Brian only celebrates for the stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Turkey is just a device to create pan juices that eventually become gravy, the elixir of holiday life. For me, it’s the bowl of a brightly wrapped Lindor truffles, chocolatey spheres filled with… more slightly smoother chocolate.

During the pre-holiday chaos of a last minute mini-session, pie baking, laundry, house cleaning, and a long 4 day weekend at grandma’s, I was able to finish a new outfit for Bailey to wear for our Thanksgiving at Uncle B and Aunt T’s.

From Ottobre 6/2008 — #16 (skirt) and #23 (overshirt)
With a side of a modified tunic pattern in velour from another Ottobre with an impromptu turtleneck to give it the height it needed to poke out from under the top shirt.



I was given exactly 12 seconds to celebrate the gift of 61 degrees… that’s how long it lasted before someone felt it was necessary to tell me we’re scheduled for our first snow this week. AWESOME!

That was sarcasm… Brandon would have explained that to you, but he’s not here. He is on the ball when it comes to sarcasm, that kid. Brace yourself for what will likely be the last outdoor photos of the year. Spring will be here soon… spring will be here soon.

This entry is also filed in the sewing category because I did make the floral dress that Bailey is wearing. Unfortunately my calculated “was this fabric prewashed” risk did not pay off and the skirt is a bit short. The dress will still look adorable with jeans, but it will have to stand alone without the scrumptious suede boots that this dress insisted be worn with it.

b&wcollage copy

Photography and the business of photography have consumed me for 2 years, not leaving time for many other hobbies or creative pursuits. Due to what we will call the “Alien Bee Bulb Incident of 2009” my camera and I have been spending some time apart, which has given me some extra time to discover new things and rediscover the old.

For $5 I picked up a bread machine that was churning out bread when I was still in high school (read: they don’t make ’em like they used to). I’m still waiting for an apology for the eye-rolling reaction I received when I brought it home, but it has earned its (very large) space on my counter. The kids enjoy the science project that is every loaf and I’ve been baking up a storm with all the awesome recipes at . More cinnamon rolls are definitely in order!


My sewing machines have found their way home to my table and the mess has returned… along with it my very first completed project in close to 2 years. Not quite sure yet how I feel about picking up where I left off with a whole new set of patterns to trace, but Bailey truly appreciates what I’ve made for her. It’s so much more rewarding than sewing clothing for a baby who outgrows everything in 3 months and has no concept of the work that went into the item.

The Farbenmix Cara that I just finished tracing will be my next project, but I can already tell that I’ve forgotten half of what I used to know about sewing. This little Ottobre set was practically destroyed several times by my seam ripper before I finally remembered the correct order for sewing up the seams.