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So I figured I could bribe Bailey with the promise of a lollipop for a few minutes of her time. Her rates are more reasonable than Brandon’s, but you get what you pay for, don’t you?

She gave me these 4 shots and she was ready to go. These were taken at 3pm and the sun was out in full force. The light was actually better when we were there at noon and some of the areas we used were in full harsh sun today. Even with the unpredictable light patterns that I haven’t quite figured out, I really like shooting down there and I hope I can do more of it soon. :::hint, hint to the locals:::: :)

It’s pure insanity. It feel like summer just began a few days ago, and I realized last night that the longest days of summer are already behind us. From here on out, the days start getting shorter and we work our way right back to sunset at 4:22pm in the middle of December. FOUR TWENTY TWO.

Most of our fun times were had on our late winter and early spring vacations, so summer has been spent mostly at home, meeting new neighbors, finding new things to do close to home, and visiting family.

I will give a brief mention to our very short trip to the Highland Games in Oak Brook…

…but that was a bit of a disaster. I had a bad feeling about the day before it started and it just ended up being unpleasant for everyone. It was oppressively hot and incredibly overcrowded. We had no plan and no purpose, we just wandered aimlessly with nowhere to be. The kids enjoyed the activities that were decidedly not Scottish in nature, but I was cranky just being there. I can say with some certainty that mom will not be inviting us again next year. That’s fine with me because to be honest, I feel pretty lame wandering around the Scottish festival when I haven’t the slightest bit of Scottish blood.

There was my fun little get together on Saturday with a couple other photographers. We just wandered around downtown looking for fun spots. It was noon when we got there, so we had to be creative with the light, but it was really fun to just shoot for me, no pressure, no expectations. Bailey stayed home because I couldn’t trust her to stay out of traffic, but Brandon allowed me to contract him for a day’s work as my model for the hefty sum of $5.

And just to be fair, I asked Bailey to spare me a few minutes of her time for a few pictures in the backyard.

And yes, I am getting a little tired of pictures in the backyard, but these really were the last of the summer. The corn is already too high to catch any more evening backlight.

… before heading to bed tonight. Well, aside from the 456 pounds of food I found myself cooking at midnight after realizing that the freezer outside was left open for 4 hours. :( This isn’t the first time we’ve lost everything in our freezer… like all the other times, I promise this is the last time I’m going to let that happen. It may be the universe trying to tell me that it’s time to clean out the freezer… but why can’t the universe tell me that when it’s 18 degrees outside so that I’ll at least have a choice about whether to keep or toss my expensive new stash of low fat sweet treats??

So, anyway, I’m all ready for my newborn session tomorrow and I want to be focused, so I got these images edited and ready for upload in record time! I don’t want anything hanging over my head after I get those newborn images home — FUN FUN!!

Bailey was uncharacteristically cooperative today and she tries SO hard to be a good model, but she doesn’t seem to have the patience or capacity to smile on command. I do feel a bit like an out of control stage mom when my 4 year old has to tell me that she’s only letting me take one more picture and then I’m going to have to let her go have fun. heh heh. It’s so rough being a photographer’s kid. :)





… but we still haven’t had a good long run of warm weather. Still, there are a few flowers blooming behind the house. Brandon was apprehensive about walking over to the edge of the field. “That’s not our yard, mom…”

Well, it really wasn’t our yard, but it was just right there on the edge. Pretty sure my neighbor didn’t mind. Good to know that rules mean something to Brandon… at home. Now he just needs to put that whole thing into practice at school. 😉



…but I gave in to the begging and pleading and off we went to the park. Brandon was cooperative, Bailey mostly showed me just how much faster her new tennies make her run. Quickly processed snapshots, forgive any technical issues. :)

Florida, April 2010

April 21st, 2010

This time, I really did process and prepare all of my vacation snapshots! I always intend to do them right away, but a lot of my vacation photos have never been touched. I confess I get so frustrated with the lack of cooperation I receive from Bailey (mostly) and Brandon (somewhat) and it makes me want to leave my camera in the bag. I think the only thing that forces me to keep on pulling it out is how much I know they love to see their memories in photos. I think that’s going to be worth it someday when they have children of their own. At least, I choose to believe it will mean something to them.

They won’t care that I didn’t spend too much time processing them or that most were taken in awful midday full sun. So… you and I shouldn’t, either. Right?

1/3 of a vacation…

February 2nd, 2010

… is all I have to blog so far. But we packed a lot into the first 3 days that Bailey and I spent on Maui with my mom and dad last week.


Bailey did really well on the trip over. She fell asleep as we were taxiing on the runway after landing at LAX for our 3 hour layover. I thought I’d missed my window of opportunity when I had to wake her, but she fell asleep again as we taxied to the runway to take off and slept for half the flight from LAX to Maui!

Dad surprised us by coming to the airport when my flight came in. We had the traditional island meal of IHOP (what? You’ve never heard that about IHOP? 😉 ) before heading off to Ka’anapali to the Maui Ocean Club where my mom owns three weeks but has never stayed longer than two.

We started the week with a relaxing day by the pool, but I didn’t bring out the camera until we headed to the beach. Dad kept his socks and shoes on the whole time, but since he’s perpetually relaxed I don’t really think it hindered his enjoyment. I, on the other hand, somehow forgot how much I hate sand and ended up covered in it and far wetter than I planned to be. It was days before I stopped finding sand in everything and it’s still trapped in the fibers of our suits.


We spent our second full day hanging out at dad’s house at the Makani Olu Ranch in Waikapu. It was almost like being a kid again, hanging with my mom and dad. Sometimes it’s hard to remember just how alike they are, but though they come from different angles and have different reasons, they are so very similar in the end. A slow pace, steady and even. Predictable and comfortable. I always know I shouldn’t expect to rush when I’m near either one of them, though my brain still has a hard time accepting what it should know quite well.

We walked up to the pasture to meet the new baby goats, one of them (the little white one) was just a week old. They followed us, glued to our heels as if they were puppies instead of livestock. The littlest was barely bigger than dad’s shoe — as Bailey would say, “so coot!”


Apparently they have the largest herd of Texas longhorn cattle on Maui. They were very friendly and curious, several almost ate my camera getting far too close for me to focus a proper shot. It does make you feel a little unprotected being out there with dozens of them, though. I had a hard time turning my back on them.

After we met the livestock, we took a 4-wheeler ride up the mountain to see the property from above. What an amazing experience and one I’m so glad we didn’t miss. I almost passed on the ride because of my fears for Bailey’s safety, but at 5 mph and in the very capable and careful hands of my dad, she was safe and sound on our ride. We didn’t even get to see it all, so I hope to have the opportunity to check out more next year.


I stopped myself from editing out the pink tint on the (scary) bridge in the photo above because it really is just the red dirt. Copious amounts of it cover everything on the property, including anyone who passes through, especially if they pass through on a 4 wheeler. My camera bag is still covered in so much red dirt that I was afraid I would have to declare it to the USDA inspectors.

I have a bunch more to blog even from the ride at the ranch, but I am sure my thousands of adoring fans will try to remember that patience is a virtue (yes, honey, I’m talking to you) and will gladly wait for the second installment. :)

Because I promised…

August 31st, 2009

… something happier to balance out the last entry. And this, I must say, is happy. The occasion is back to school, Brandon’s 7th birthday, or just because… take your pick. Whatever you label this session, it is definitely one of my favorites because they are mine and they are together… and they truly love each other this much.

I take so many photos of them individually, but it’s been over a year since I have had a single good image of them together — it was long overdue. School starts on Tuesday, 2nd grade for Brandon and another school year of misery and pain for Bailey… crying as she says goodbye in the morning and missing her brother all day long.

Hopefully the time will pass quickly. Next summer is right around the corner. I have to keep telling myself that as the days, even now in August, are turning chilly and leaves are swirling in the wind as I drive home late at night.