Counting down to 8…

August 9th, 2010

Brandon’s 8th birthday… just 5 days away. Bailey is 4, so logically, Brandon is older, though I still have no concept of time when it comes to my kids. He’s 8?? Really?? In 8 more years, Brandon will be driving away in our car, dating, and completely uninterested in me… but even though we just wrapped up 8 whole years, the “what will Brandon be like at 16” question seems so ridiculously premature. It shouldn’t, but it does… I don’t want to admit to myself just how quickly 8 years flies.

In my normal and expected fashion, birthday invitations went out late. VERY late. I now have 6 days to plan his very specifically themed Harry Potter birthday party, clean the house, figure out what to serve for lunch, and of course, learn how to make the far too ambitious Hogwart’s cake I promised even though I’ve never made any kind of 3D theme cake before.

Using a recipe for fondant that I found on my beloved, I made a practice cake to see just how much I could screw up fondant. It was quite an experience, but I’m pretty excited to learn something new. Secretly, I’ve always wanted to make awesome decorated cakes. I’ve just never been able to trust myself around a cake, so…

My first practice cake was not so much a disaster, even though I made it egg-free for Brandon and cakes without egg tend to fall apart. I really think I can do this castle cake. I really, really do! I think I can, I think I can. :) As long as my mixer holds out… we’ll just ignore the fact that it was smoking just a little tiny bit. No reason for alarm… move along. :)

Pictures of my first practice cake… just learning how to drape the fondant over the cake. It went well, I think. The rest of the decorating was just me wanting to play with my decorator tips. Perhaps I should practice on cardboard from this point forward? :)