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So I figured I could bribe Bailey with the promise of a lollipop for a few minutes of her time. Her rates are more reasonable than Brandon’s, but you get what you pay for, don’t you?

She gave me these 4 shots and she was ready to go. These were taken at 3pm and the sun was out in full force. The light was actually better when we were there at noon and some of the areas we used were in full harsh sun today. Even with the unpredictable light patterns that I haven’t quite figured out, I really like shooting down there and I hope I can do more of it soon. :::hint, hint to the locals:::: :)

It’s pure insanity. It feel like summer just began a few days ago, and I realized last night that the longest days of summer are already behind us. From here on out, the days start getting shorter and we work our way right back to sunset at 4:22pm in the middle of December. FOUR TWENTY TWO.

Most of our fun times were had on our late winter and early spring vacations, so summer has been spent mostly at home, meeting new neighbors, finding new things to do close to home, and visiting family.

I will give a brief mention to our very short trip to the Highland Games in Oak Brook…

…but that was a bit of a disaster. I had a bad feeling about the day before it started and it just ended up being unpleasant for everyone. It was oppressively hot and incredibly overcrowded. We had no plan and no purpose, we just wandered aimlessly with nowhere to be. The kids enjoyed the activities that were decidedly not Scottish in nature, but I was cranky just being there. I can say with some certainty that mom will not be inviting us again next year. That’s fine with me because to be honest, I feel pretty lame wandering around the Scottish festival when I haven’t the slightest bit of Scottish blood.

There was my fun little get together on Saturday with a couple other photographers. We just wandered around downtown looking for fun spots. It was noon when we got there, so we had to be creative with the light, but it was really fun to just shoot for me, no pressure, no expectations. Bailey stayed home because I couldn’t trust her to stay out of traffic, but Brandon allowed me to contract him for a day’s work as my model for the hefty sum of $5.

And just to be fair, I asked Bailey to spare me a few minutes of her time for a few pictures in the backyard.

And yes, I am getting a little tired of pictures in the backyard, but these really were the last of the summer. The corn is already too high to catch any more evening backlight.