… before heading to bed tonight. Well, aside from the 456 pounds of food I found myself cooking at midnight after realizing that the freezer outside was left open for 4 hours. :( This isn’t the first time we’ve lost everything in our freezer… like all the other times, I promise this is the last time I’m going to let that happen. It may be the universe trying to tell me that it’s time to clean out the freezer… but why can’t the universe tell me that when it’s 18 degrees outside so that I’ll at least have a choice about whether to keep or toss my expensive new stash of low fat sweet treats??

So, anyway, I’m all ready for my newborn session tomorrow and I want to be focused, so I got these images edited and ready for upload in record time! I don’t want anything hanging over my head after I get those newborn images home — FUN FUN!!

Bailey was uncharacteristically cooperative today and she tries SO hard to be a good model, but she doesn’t seem to have the patience or capacity to smile on command. I do feel a bit like an out of control stage mom when my 4 year old has to tell me that she’s only letting me take one more picture and then I’m going to have to let her go have fun. heh heh. It’s so rough being a photographer’s kid. :)





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