Update from 40,000 feet!

April 9th, 2010

Way back when we had to walk to school both ways uphill and the internet was just a seedy underworld that we could venture to from AOL (if we dared), the idea of internet on a long flight was like the whole idea of flying cars. Back to the Future skipped right over internet on a plane, but figured we’d have flying cars by 2015. I’m OK with internet on a plane. I think they might have been a little ambitious about the flying car thing.

I’m using http://www.gogoinflight.com — where a month of unlimited internet usage across several airlines is just about $30. It works out perfectly for us to share since we’re taking 4 separate flights on 4 separate days. The connection seems fast and stable. I almost wish I’d had this on the way to Hawaii, but my laptop battery really only lasts about as long as it gets to Florida, so it’s a perfect introduction to the service.

Bailey and I stopped into the play area in our terminal before boarding and almost missed the tail end of boarding our flight! We were some of the last on the plane, but there was a bit of a traffic jam on the jetway and we ended up standing around for a while anyway.


I do honestly wonder sometimes exactly how we can ever really top the technology we have available today, then they surprise me once again. Hello, iphone? Internet on a plane? Someday our kids will be asking themselves how we ever survived with just those things. Bring on more progress!

Bailey is an amazing traveler, content to quietly watch movies and eat special plane snacks. It’s as if she’s trying to make our row-mate feel guilty for possibly inwardly groaning when he realized the 3 year old was heading for HIS row. She really is a lovely travel companion and takes up very little space in her seat. Bonus. :)