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… I give my mom a lot of grief about her weird food. My mom doesn’t eat “normal” food so anything that she keeps around just for us tends to linger long after any sane person would have tossed it out.

Tonight, in fact, I made chicken with flour that is over a year beyond its June 2008 expiration date. Hours later I am still alive. Apparently “it’s been in the refrigerator” much like the English toffee from many years ago and the ketchup we found on a recent visit that expired years before the child who wanted to eat it was even a twinkle. The same child who asked to drink juice tonight that expired more than a year ago.

But today… I ate my breakfast on a paper plate that so beautifully demonstrates my mom’s general disdain for throwing away old items. Today… I ate my bagel on a 44 year old paper plate that was saved from… my parents’ wedding in 1965. 1965!

To be quite honest, I think it’s neat (or you know I wouldn’t be writing about it here)…and there’s the added bonus of it being something super old that probably won’t kill me. I almost felt guilty using it but it wasn’t the only one. Not nearly. My mom is most definitely my grandmother’s daughter — my grandma would have had plates from her own wedding as well as extras from a dozen other weddings, too.

And perhaps I’ve neglected my responsibilities a bit… but this?

I know where you live……….PICTURE PLEASE!

No “Love, your favorite sister…” just a menacing smiley face. My sister doesn’t visit often even when there’s cake so I feel I’m relatively safe. Still, I’ve decided it’s best to take some measures to protect myself. This threat will not go unanswered and there is no cake here! NO CAKE!!

I started with Bailey… some inside and some outside in the morning light. We’ve been here for more than 4 years and I’ve never been outside in my yard at 6:30am. It was… wet. Does that betray what a non-morning person I am? But the light… that was something new and different. Interesting, but it may be another 4 years before I am back in my yard at 6:30am.

I have BIG plans for Brandon… big plans!! I promise. please… please don’t hurt me. You’ll get your pictures!