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Who knew all we’d have to do to teach Brandon to ride a 2-wheeler was… remove his training wheels? Grandpa, in a very characteristic move, simply decided it was time and then they were gone. Before we had a chance to fret or even instruct, he was off and riding on just two wheels. And if those 2 wheels were not enough, grandpa even supplied a scooter to fill up all that non-bike time.

It’s a sad day when you realize your kids like grandma and grandpa’s house more than home — I went through the same stage so I know it will pass, but frankly, I want to go stay with grandma and grandpa for a while, too! :)

And we can’t forget my ultra helpful future assistant who hasn’t quite figured out that a camera is necessary for photography. Luckily I have a capable adult assistant to cover for her while she’s in training.