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The first warm day…

April 22nd, 2009

… has come and gone. We narrowly escaped the park before the rain (and the temperatures) started falling. Rumor has it that the second warm day is just around the corner. If we’re rounding up, it’s almost May… and it can’t be cold in May. Right?

And just to make this post a little more worthwhile, here’s a copy of my web-sized collage template that I have been using lately to make these quick 2 image sets like the ones I used below. For help in using the black squares as clipping templates, check out my name collage tutorial in an earlier entry. :)

Click Here for the Web Collage Template

… then my macro lens may soon be spending more time on my camera. The snow has been replaced by a little rain here and there and I caught some on my car window during our drive home last weekend.

A big weekend…

April 17th, 2009

I had a super quick session with an adorable 8 week old and celebrated my daughter’s birthday (a little early). First, a few shots of this sweet little one who slept in only half of our shots.

I’m learning to love the simplicity of shooting on black.

Now just a couple from our fun weekend… First, a trip to my sister’s police station to try out the lights and sirens. The officers were amazing to the kids and answered all of Brandon’s questions. I was impressed with Brandon’s curiosity about how they work and their processes. I assumed he would be content to run the sirens, but he had lots of good questions about the heat seeking cameras, their bulletproof vests, and their statistics for bad-guy catching. Also, you can leave it to my child to be quite interested in their weapons, too.

And happy birthday to Bailey… a little early due to grandma’s upcoming trip to Hawaii. We’ll celebrate with more cake and presents on her actual birthday, but the pre-birthday does help a little to ease into the idea of her actually being THREE. *sniff*