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I know some professional photographers are going to be angry about the content of this blog post, but hopefully not too many of them bother to read my little blog. Yes, I gave away an image to a publication for free. Obviously this lights a fire under pros who think they should be compensated for every shutter press. Ehhh… sorry? When it’s your kid and a magazine with a circulation of one million, I think you’d opt for the bragging rights. :)

Back in July the kids and I visited a very cool indoor play area in Chicago — Dayfrog! If you’re ever in Chicago, check it out with your kids. We enjoyed it so much that we spent two days of our visit there. While I was there I took some snapshots of the kids (shocking!).

The images weren’t great quality, just family snaps in low light, but I had a couple that were OK. A while back the owner e-mailed and asked if I would send him something for an upcoming article. Of course!

Here’s a photo of Brandon that accompanies their article in the December issue of Midwest Living Magazine! How cool is that? I’m supposed to receive a copy of the magazine soon. Brandon is trying not to let it go to his head. 😉

Click the photo to see the whole page.